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NS-2 Bunka Needle

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NS-2 Bunka Punch Needle,

This needle has a slightly different "feel" than the N3 Tokyo Bunka Needle. 

Designed to work with the Matsuhato line of kits, this needle also handles METALLIC THREAD with ease - just thread it and stitch.  The construction of the needle shank helps to ease the thread into the eye, creating nice, flat stitches. 

This needle works best with the fabrics used by Matsuhato, Tokyo Bunka And BunkaCraft.

Bunka Punch Needles:

NS-1 Adjustable Bunka Needle - used for "fluffy" and 1/4 pull

NS-2  Bunka Punch Needle - Used primarily for flat stitch pictures and particularly for METALLIC THREAD

N-3  Bunka Punch Needle - Made by the Tokyo Bunka Co.  This is the original!  Used primarily for flat stitch pictures.

Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery

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