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Classroom Instruction
BunkaCraft Sampler Method

A Two Level Learning System

Offered by Qualified Instructors.


The BunkaCraft Teaching Method uses a Sampler System used in a classroom or studio setting. 

Level 1 - Corresponds to the Tokyo Bunka Catalogue and BunkaCraft designs.  These designs are similar to  "paint by number".  Hundreds of kit designs are available.

Level 2 - Matsuhato Kits.  These are partially numbered.  The focus in on Tigers and special techniques.  

Note: The techniques used in Level 2 can also be applied to the Tokyo Bunka Kits.

Each level is designed to offer easy, step by step instruction in the art of Bunka Embroidery and using samplers has been consistanly proven to increase the level of skill and enjoyment for the student.

Students learn and practise the technique on a BunkaCraft Sampler before applying it to a picture kit.

Students progress as far as they like.  Because the Samplers are designed to work with specific catalogues, the student is not overly limited when choosing kits to stitch.   For example, at the end of the Level 1 Course, the student has learned the techniques used in hundreds of kits! 

Supplies and kits may be purchased from your teacher.  

Ask if your teacher offers the  BunkaCraft Learning Method.



Level 1

The Bunkacraft Level 1 Sampler - Utilizes most of the basic stitches and techniques used in Bunka Embroidery and corresponds to the Tokyo Bunka Catalogue.  After the course ends, the student has knowledge and has practised techniques found in hundreds of kit designs. 

Designed by D. Cormier (BunkaCraft)

Course Outline:

5-6 classes ( 2 hours each ), Each lesson teaches new bunka stitches and techniques.

Students learn new stitches and practise on the Sampler in class

Highly Recommended:  A compatible kit be stitched as homework during the course. Practise the stitches on the sampler and then apply them on a chosen kit.  These kits are recommended because they offer the best variety of stitches learned in class.

Important:  The instruction book Bunka Embroidery Basics is used with this course.  The Sampler and book were designed to work together to provide the best learning experience.

All Supplies for this course can be purchased from your teacher including:  Level 1 Sampler, Bunka Embroidery Basics ( book ), Needle, brush, stretcher bars, tacks, thread wraps, thread clippers, threader, kits.

Recommended Kit List:

Tokyo Bunka: 

Floral:  #32  108,  136,  192, 

Landscape:  #56,  57,  67,  109,  179,  185,  187,  195,  199, 910,  913,

Children:  44, 

Japanese Traditional:  #294,  470

BunkaCraft:   BC-200  Pansies in Crystal

For alternatives, please ask you teacher what would be a good kit to begin with.

Level 2

Available Fall 2010

The BunkaCraft Level 2 Sampler - Corresponds to the Matsuhato Catalogue.

Designed by D. Cormier ( BunkaCraft ),  Approved by Matsuhato

Course Outline:

6 Classes ( 2 hours each ), Each lesson teaches new bunka stitches and techniques.

Example of techniques:  1/4 pull applications, tiger eyes and whiskers, pine needles, 3/4 pull nails and teeth, the NS-1 adjustable needle.  Also, creating a thread colour chart.

Recommended Kit List - Matsuhato





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