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Manufacturer, Importer and Distributor of Bunka Embroidery Kits



We Design and Manufacture BunkaCraft brand kits, hand embroidery kits and patterns, Thread Painting panels and specialty Bunka yarns. 

Purchase and Production of Matsuhato Designs & Patterns (2017).  

Importer and Distributer of Tokyo Bunka Kits and Yarn.

We use premium fabrics and materials to produce needlework kits and threads. We believe, if you devote your time and love to a project, it should involve the best materials and last for generations.  Our patterns, kits and threads are designed to be enjoyed and protected as artwork, and not used as utilitarian items (pillows, clothing etc).

Our raw materials are sourced in North America, Europe and Japan. 

Moving forward, we are developing needle art products beyond our initial specialty of Bunka Embroidery.  We are very excited about our expanding embroidery direction and look forward to sharing beautiful and interesting needle art with you.  


To view our past Bunka Designs, click here.


Manufacturer & Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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