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Clover Needle for Punch Embroidery

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Clover Punch Needle  -  Includes 3 ply size needle 

Made in Japan.  Adjustable Needle Length.  Includes instructions for assembling the needle into the handle.

This is a thinner needle with a smaller eye compared to Traditional Japanese Punch Needles.

For Punch Embroidery:  Recommended by Clover for 3 ply Embroidery Floss.  We find the needle also works with size 8 perle / pearl cotton and it works well with higher count Evenweave fabric.   

For Bunka Embroidery:  Use with 1/4 pull or when smaller stitched areas are indicated in regular Bunka kits. Plus, we find this needle works beautifully with our Thread Painting Panels using 1/4 - 2/4 pull Bunka Yarns (the difference is the fabric).

This needle creates a higher stitch tension when used with Bunka Yarn and the stitches are a little more taut and lay closer to the surface of the fabric.

We really like this needle for specific applications and we continue to experiment with what it can accomplish.


Manufacturer & Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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