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Accessories > Clover Refill Needle 6 Ply For Regular Bunka Yarn CL8803
Clover Refill Needle 6 Ply  For Regular Bunka Yarn  CL8803

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CL8803  -  6 Ply Clover Refill Needle.  For Regular Bunka 2/4 pull yarn.  

Used with the Clover Punch Needle available from BunkaCraft.

Tested with regular Bunka Yarn on our BunkaCraft fabrics and also with Tokyo Bunka Cloth.

The 6 ply refill needle produces a smooth and even tension for beautiful stitches when using Regular Bunka Yarn.   

This refill needle can also be used with 6 ply Embroidery Floss when creating traditional punch embroidery. 

The Clover Punch Needle Tool is sold separately and includes the 3 ply needle.                                                                          The 3 ply is best used with thinner 1/4 pull Bunka Yarn.  It is also used with 3 Ply Embroidery Foss, some thinner Perle cotton yarns and finer metallic threads in Bunka or traditional punch embroidery. 

Manufacturer & Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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