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A2 - Tokyo Bunka Punch Needle

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A2 - Bunka Punch Needle (includes a needle threader)

The Bunka Punch Needle made by the Tokyo Bunka Co.

This needle is an up graded design, used primarily for flat stitch pictures.  The needle contains a channel near the tip, designed to guide the Bunka yarn through the shank and into the eye.  It creates a smoother stitching experience and does not require a governor.  Click on top of the picture and arrow for a close-up image of the needle tip.

The needle has been designed to be used with Tokyo Bunka kits and is excellent with BunkaCraft and Matsuhato fabrics and yarns.  It is very similar to the old N3 in size, threads the same way and stitches perfectly.

The A-2 can also be used with Embroidery Floss when stitching traditional punch needle paintings.

We thread and check every A2 Needle for quality before it is offered for sale.    No snags, No flaws; each A2 stitches like an "old favourite"!   


Bunka Punch Needles:

A2- Bunka Punch Needle made by the Tokyo Bunka Co.  Used primarily for Flat Stitch pictures. 

NS-2 Bunka Punch Needle, originally designed by the Matsuhato Company for use with their line of kits.  This needle is very similar to the Tokyo Bunka A2 needle.  Currently, the Matsuhato NS-2 is not in production.

N3 Tokyo Bunka Needle - Discontinued by the company in 2022.


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