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BC-N1 Adjustable Punch Needle

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 BC-N1 Adjustable Punch Embroidery Needle.

For Bunka and Traditional Punch Embroidery


The BunkaCraft BC-N1 Adjustable Needle is a custom designed, hand finished needle.  This needle was created to replace the long shank needles that have been discontinued by Tokyo Bunka and Matsuhato.

This versatile punch needle is designed to be used with Bunka 1/4 pull thread,,  Metallic yarn, and  long loop applications.  For example sculpted Fluffy animals.  Also for flower centers and fancy stitch work.  This needle can also be used for regular Flat Stitch Bunka.

We think the BC-N1 is a valuable addition to the Japanese flat stitch Bunka needles ( N-3 and Matsuhato NS-2 ).

Bunka Long Shank:  Set the dial on the side of the needle to the longest position.

Bunka Flat Stitch:  Set the dial on the side of the needle to # 11

NOTE:  Bunka Embroidery thread ( yarn ) cannot be used on clothing, towels, etc.  It is only used as decorative art, framed under glass.

 Traditional Punch Embroidery:

The BC-N1 contains a medium size punch needle and will work beautifully with embroidery floss and other yarns / threads used in regular or traditional punch embroidery.  This type of punch embroidery is used on clothing etc.   Generally, the pattern is transferred onto fusible interfacing, applied to fabric and then stitched from the back.   There are many good books on the market describing techniques used.

Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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