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BC-250 Fluffy Kitten "Peaches"

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BC-250 Fluffy Kitten "Peaches"

Size 1  - 8x 10 image size

Kit includes:  Fabric printed with the image, colour insert, black and white line drawing including the thread colour numbers, basic instructions.

Accessories Needed:  N3 Bunka Needle, Fluffy Brush, Working Frame #1, Thumb Tacks, Thread Wraps, small scissors or clippers.

Recommended:  Bunka Embroidery Basics; Stitches and Techniques ( book )

Optional: NS-1 Adjustable Bunka Needle.  This needle will create longer loops - longer fluff.  Use the NS-1 set to the longest shank, then stitch all areas except the pink ear sections.  Use the N3 to stitch the pink areas.

TIP:  If this is your first fluffy kit, it will be easier to use the N3 needle to stitch the entire picture.

Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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