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M-1389 size 3

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Matsuhato Kit   M-1389

White Tiger

Size 3   30x40 cm   12x16 inches ( image size )

Kit Includes:  Silver metallic fabric printed with the image, thread, colour picture, black and white insert showing thread colour placement and stitch techniques,

Accessories Needed:  N3 Needle, stretcher bars #4, thumb tacks, needle threader, thread wraps, small scissors or clippers, Tapestry Needle to sew whisker thread into the mane.

This is an absolutely gorgeous picture!  I have stitched it myself and have included the silky "Whisker Thread" and written tips as to how I completed the picture. 

Techniques that I used include:  1/4 and 3/4 pull thread,  Whisker Thread that is stitched with a tapestry needle to complete the Tiger's Mane, and padding techniques used in the eyes.

Level of Difficulty:  Intermediate / Advanced.

To view the Thread Colour Chart for this kit; first click on top of the picture of the tiger.  A window will open to show the enlarged Tiger.  Click the small picture of the thread chart below the enlarged tiger and the chart will appear.


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