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BC-250 "Peaches" by BunkaCraft

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Prod. Code: BC-250 "Peaches" by BunkaCraft

BC-250  Fluffy Kitten "Peaches"

Made by BunkaCraft

Size 1   8x10 inches ( image size )

Kit Includes:  Fabric printed with the image, thread, black and white line drawing showing colour placement, colour picture of the finished kit, basic instructions.

Accessories Needed:  N3 bunka needle, working frame ( stretcher bars ) #1, thumb tacks, needle threader, bunka brush to create the fluff,

small scissors or clippers, sewing needle ( to attach the chain and rhinestone ball ), masking tape.  www.bunkacraft.com/accessories.html


Strongly Recommended:  Bunka Embroidery Basics; Stitches and Techniques ( instruction book ).

Optional:  NS-1 Adjustable Bunka Needle.  This needle will create longer loops when the setting for the longest shank is used.  Rice Glue.


TIP:   A small amount of Rice Glue used on top of the beginning and ending stitches will help to tack them down and decrease the occasional unraveling of stitches when brushing.  Use the glue on the stitched side ( not the side to be brushed - loops )  If a stitch does unravel, just cut it out of the fluff and continue brushing.  Don't glue the entire area!!!  Just the first and last stitches.

Use only RICE GLUE.  Other adhesives may "burn" your fabric and cause unwanted effects.  Our Rice Glue is non toxic and is archival ( acid free ).

TIP: If using the NS-1 Adjustable Bunka Needle,  Stitch all of the fluffy areas using the longest shank setting except for the pink part of the ears.  Use the N3 for the pink.  Brush out the entire kit.  The Pink areas will be slightly recessed.

Tip: If this is your first Fluffy kit, it will be easier to use the N3 needle for the entire kit.


Manufacturer & Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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