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BC-150 Pink Daisies  size 1

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 BunkaCraft Kit   BC-150

Pink Daisies

Size 1  - 8x10 image size


Kit Includes:  Printed Fabric with the image,  colour picture, black and white line drawing showing colour placement,  bunka yarn,  Instructions.  Fabric Colour is off white ( cream colour ).

Accessories needed:  N3 Bunka needle, needle threader, stretcher bars #1, thumb tacks, thread clippers, thread winding cards, bunka brush ( for fluffing the bee ).

Recommended - Tack Pusher Tool,  Instruction book - Bunka Embroidery Basics; Stitches and Techniques.

Note:  The Bee shown in the kit uses the fluffy technique, a bunka brush is recommended, or because the area is quite small, a brand new, unused toothbrush can be used instead of the bunka brush. 

The Bee can also be done using the flat stitch method ( no brushing ), depending on your preference.

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