We offer the complete line of Authentic Matsuhato Kits, Thread and Accessories.  Absolutely beautiful designs, for the intermediate - advanced stitcher.  

      Please Note, we are in the process of updating the Matsuhato line of kits.  For kit availability, please call 519-641-2187

Matsuhato kits are partially numbered.  The fabric is printed with the image and the kit includes a black and white line drawing with the instructions in Japanese.   The line drawing resembles a "paint by number".  The numbers on the insert correspond to thread colours included with the kit.   Use a cardboard index card or receipe card, rice glue and small snips of thread to create a custom colour chart for your Matsuhato kit.  Assign each colour the corresponding number on the insert and wrap each thread onto a card as usual. 

Note:  Matsuhato have been in the process of changing the gold fabric to silver.  Most kits shown on Gold Fabric, will arrive printed on SILVER FABRIC.  If you have any questions, please send me an email.

some of the older Matsuhato kits are still in stock.

New:  The Matsuhato line of kits are now being updated and produced as numbered kits and will be released as they are completed.   Please check back for more updates, or call the studio.  

Matsuhato kits are available in North America exclusively from BunkaCraft. 

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