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Matsuhato Bunka

Matsuhato Bunka Embroidery Kits  -   Size 1 (8x10),  Size 2 (10x12), Size 3 (12x16)  (image size)

Matsuhato kits are made by BunkaCraft using Tokyo Bunka and BunkaCraft yarns.  Each kit includes a colour picture, stitch guide and diagram corresponding to the thread colours.  

The original Matsuhato Bunka Yarn colours are no longer being made and it is only possible to offer a limited number of designs as Bunka Embroidery kits.  If more Bunka yarn colours become available in the future, we will increase our Matsuhato kit production, but this doesn't appear to be likely.  

Note: Some Matsuhato designs are being offered as hand embroidery kits using perle cotton thread and floss.   Printed patterns for use with your own threads, are also available.  See our Hand Embroidery and Patterns pages.

All of our designs are considered to be art embroidery and not utilitarian (pillows, clothing etc.)  

Matsuhato Patterns are owned and produced by BunkaCraft.  


Manufacturer & Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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