After The Concert


BunkaCraft Kit BC-501 After the Concert  ( K. Eisen,  ca. 1825 )

Size  M5   16.5 x 20 inches

Colour Model:  Stitched with Bunka Yarn by Dar Cormier

Fabric Colour – Off White

Available:  Kit with threads

A Stitch By Numbers Kit



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BC-501   After the Concert ( K. Eisen,  ca. 1825 )

Size  M5   16.5 x 20 inches

Kit includes:  Fabric printed with the image, Bunka Yarn & Metallic Yarn, black and white line drawing showing colour placement, colour picture showing stitched model, basic instructions.

Accessories Needed:  A2 Punch Needle or Clover 3 & 6 ply combination punch needle package, stretcher bars #5, thumb tacks (2 pks), winding cards, clippers,

Level of Difficulty:  Intermediate  / Advanced. 

This beautiful new kit has been adapted for bunka embroidery from an artwork by Japanese artist K. Eisen.  He was a prolific painter of “beauties” in the early part of the 19th century.  At the time, censorship policies forbade the identification of the lady portrayed.  In a rather clever way of getting around this, Eisen would use an identifying feature such as an element of a family crest (mon) to be used somewhere in the artwork.  It is possible that a clue to this lady’s name is somewhere in the picture.

I would like to thank the Rjik Museum / Amsterdam for access to the original 1825 artwork and their kind permission to use it as an inspiration for this Bunka kit.

Weight 300 g