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ThreadPainting Panels
Panels for Bunka Embroidery

What is a BunkaCraft ThreadPainting Panel? A colour image is placed onto Bunka compatible fabric and then the image is embellished by using Bunka Embroidery stitches. Some areas of the fabric are not stitched, leaving part of the image showing. This creates a new and added dimension to the picture. 

BunkaCraft ThreadPainting panels are made to be used with Bunka Embroidery Yarns. The finished piece is then used as decorative wall art and not for utilitarian purposes such as pillows or clothing. Bunka yarn is delicate and not washable.
Kit:  Includes, Fabric, Bunka and Specialty Yarns, Colour Picture showing the finished embroidery, Special Instructions.
Canvas Only: Includes,  Fabric, Colour Picture.  Threads and Specialty Yarns are not Included.
We also offer our lovely panels for hand embroidery.  These are called BunkaCraft Embroidery Panels and use embroidery floss, ribbons and threads to embellish the pattern.   As with our Bunka ThreadPainting Panels, we recommend the Embroidery panels be used as decorative wall art.  
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Thread Painting Panels

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