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Tokyo Bunka Fluffy Kits

Image Sizes:  #1 - 8x10 inches,   #3 - 12x16 inches,

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Needles and Accessories are sold separately.

Fluffy pictures are stitched on the back and brushed on the front.  The stitch length is approx. 1/16" and the loops should just cover the image, with no gaps. Tack down the first and last few stitches by back-tracking ( or stitching directly on top of ) the stitches.  This will help to prevent the stitches from unraveling while brushing.  Place painter's masking tape around the image before brushing to protect the fabric from the brush action.  Use a "scooping" motion when brushing - the fluff should stand up rather than lay flat.  It is important to brush the loops and not the fluff. 

Manufacturer & Importer of Authentic Japanese Bunka Embroidery



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