CL-8800C Clover Punch Needle Stitch Tool Combo Pack


Includes 3 and 6 Ply Needles

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Clover Punch Needle Combo Pack  – Includes 3 and 6 Ply Needles

3-Ply needle is used for 1/4 pull,
6-Ply is used for regular stitching.

For Bunka Embroidery:  Use 3-Ply with 1/4 pull or when smaller stitched areas are indicated in regular Bunka kits and 6-Ply for regular stitching.  Plus, we find both needles works beautifully with our Thread Painting Panels using 1/4 – 2/4 pull Bunka Yarns (the difference is the fabric).

Can also be used For Punch Embroidery:  Recommended by Clover for 3 ply Embroidery Floss.  We find the needle also works with size 8 perle / pearl cotton and it works well with higher count Evenweave fabric.

This needle creates a higher stitch tension when used with Bunka Yarn and the stitches are a little more taut and lay closer to the surface of the fabric.  We really like this needle for specific applications and we continue to experiment with what it can accomplish.

  • Made in Japan.
  • Adjustable Needle Length.
  • Includes instructions for assembling the needle into the handle.
Weight 125 g

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